Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Favorite Fictional Characters Who Died

This discussion was suggested to me by awesome library aide Kelly Evans. Beware of spoilers! So... here is my RIP list. feel free to add your own. P.S.- I don't count vampires cuz they are undead not dead! Ditto for characters in an afterlife like Liz in Elsewhere.


Albus Dumbledore from HP
Sirius Black from HP
Fred Weasley from HP
Hedwig from HP
Remus and Tonks Lupin from HP
(Lots of dying in the last Harry Potter!)
Frodo Baggins from The Lord of the Rings
Dallas Winston from The Outsiders
Johnny Cade from The Outsiders
The Tarleton Twins in Gone With the Wind
Alaska Young in Looking for Alaska
Will Keller from The Luxe
Mr. Crepsley in Cirque du Freak
Brom in Eragon
Coyotito in The Pearl
Buster Kilrain in Killer Angels
Ruth Jamison from Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe
Toomer from The Great Santini
Rue from The Hunger Games
and.....even though I didn't like him......Roland from Unwind

Post your own characters. Hey...maybe we could have a "Day of the Dead Character" funeral?!


  1. Aubrey and Ka'ilaOctober 27, 2009 at 1:43 PM

    Hannah Baker from Thirteen Reasons why
    Victoria from Eclipse
    Willow from Handle With Care
    Cassie from She Said Yes
    Shay from Change of Heart
    Emily from The Pact
    Peter from Nineteen Minutes
    Big Dan and Little Ann from Where The Red Fern Grows
    Anna from My Sister's Keeper
    Jackson from I Heart You, You Haunt Me
    Robbie from Tears of a Tiger

  2. This is my list from books, movies, and video games:

    *Auron...Final Fantasy 10
    *Kaze, Lou, Clear, and Kumo...Final Fantasy Unlimited
    *Meseuseu...Air TV
    *Ka Kashi...Naruto
    *L, Mello, Matt, Raye,& Raye's fiance...Death Note
    *Sirius...Harry Potter
    *Scar, Lust, Wrath, Nina, & Alexander...Fullmetal Alchemist
    *Silver Knight... .Hack//Legend of the Twilight
    *Felio... .Hack//roots
    *Ari...Maximum Ride
    *Snape and Moody...Harry Potter
    *7th Son...Stardust
    *Lee Scorsby...The Golden Compass