Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Maze Runner

If I had to predict which of our books will be the "next big thing', this one would be it. If you like dystopian future books like The Hunger Games, Unwind, or the Uglies series, you're gonna love The Maze Runner.

The book's action explodes from the start with main character Thomas trapped in some sort of elevator, unable to remember much beyond his own name. When the doors clank open, he is faced with a staring mob of boys standing in an enormous courtyard, surrounded by high stone walls.

Welcome to the Glade.

Thomas learns that all the boys arrived in this strange place the same way and that a new boy comes out of the elevator every 30 days. All of the boys have had their minds wiped. The Glade is the safe center of a dangerous maze whose walls reform each day. If Thomas can unlock the riddle of the maze, perhaps he can unlock the secrets he knows are buried inside his mind. That is, if he lives long enough. Each night, horrible machine-monsters creatures called grievers come a-calling.

It's kind of Lord of the Flies meets Hunger Games, part mystery, part thriller, part survival story. You keep turning the pages because you need to know what the heck is happening to these kids and why!

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