Monday, October 5, 2009

Teen Read Week Contest

Hey Cardinals! This is the place to post your Teen Read Week book blurbs and reviews. remember, to earn a ticket to the ice cream party, you must successfully write about at least six books you've read during the past year. For an example of how to do it, check out my post about the book Peak right here on this blog. You'll have to go back to the older posts.

Tell a little bit about the book (enough to entice the reader but not so much that you give away the plot). Tell what you noticed/thought/felt, what you liked and didn't. when you're done, tell me so that I can read it and give you a ticket.

All you have to do is click on "comments" below and start writing. Submit each book as its own comments post please. Where it says "comment as", select "name/url". Put your first name and last initial only! No URL is needed.

Once I approve your comments, you'll see them here on the blog.

The deadline for finishing blogging is next Wednesday, October 21st by the end of the school day.


  1. Generation Dead by Daniel Waters

    Wow, what can I say about Generation Dead? It reminds me a lot about today's generation of highschoolers in a new form. In this book life takes a sick twist of fate and teenagers all over the world are coming back from the dead. But not in the gory nasty zombie kinda way. Teenagers just like you and me. Only difference.. they are slower and reaction time is pretty much cut into a forth, and they don’t seem to feel anything. On the outside anyways. High schools are cut in half by the living on one side the dead on the other. Somehow a living girl Phoebe finds herself between the living and the dead. Being among the breathing herself Phoebe doesn’t really fit in with anyone. She finds herself wondering about the dead boy Tommy. Something she cant really explain. This story is a tangled web of love, mystery, and lies. Many times a caught myself wondering whats really normal here? It’s a good read that will keep you suspended above the action. Ah!!!! I cant wait to read the sequel Kiss Of Life!!!

  2. Tenni-Shoes among the Nephites by Chris Himerdinger

    This book was a great surprise to me. It is a religious… well somewhat book of my religion, so I was just expecting it to be preachy, but NOO!!! This story is about a boy who is sent back into the time of the Romans where he meets a Book of Mormon hero. This entire story is is about a boy who was making some wrong decisions in his early years when he accidentally goes hiking into a secret portal. Tenni-shoes among the Nephites are all his adventures. His sister ends up coming along and they are both ALMOST sold into slavery and almost killed multiple times. The book strengthens their relationship with each other and with Jesus Christ. This is a great and a fun read for those who aren’t of the LDS religion. Definitely worth your time.

  3. A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

    I am a huge fan of every Nicholas Sparks book! But on this one, he has gone above and beyond! A Walk To Remember, is by far one of the best books I have ever read. Big shot, know it all Landon Carter finds himself on the journey of a life time. And it starts in the hands of the innocent, christian girl Jamie, who's only path in life is to live by God and try and make the world a better place. Landon is swept up in his own pain and lies and is forced to finally face the truth about himself, the father that walked out on him and his deep love for a girl he never really knew he could fall for. Soon his love for Jamie makes him take a deep look at who he really is on the inside, and when tragedy strikes and fate steps in. Landon will do anything to help the beautiful kind Jamie on her own journey and the change that will forever make this one of the most amazing love stories! This book left me in tears and with a small but brighter outlook in the meaning of life. I still cant think of this as just you’re plan average love story, this is about as deep as it gets and I’m in love with this book.

  4. The Tale of Desperaux by Kate DiCamillo

    This is by far my favorite book of all times. This cute, easy to read novel is about a little mouse who is different than all of his other mouse brothers and sisters. In Desperaux’s family it is common to scurry away from danger and eat things off the floor. One particular incident was Desperaux’s brothers were trying to teach him the ways of the mouse by telling him to eat the paper of a fairy-tale novel, but instead, Desperaux read it. This story is what caused Desperaux to have other plans in his life. He would leave in search of a princess and become her knight in shining armor.

    This story is broken up into three different paths of people. When all three of the characters meet in the end, it is a fun, adventurous book that I have read 6 times now!!

  5. Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler

    Once again, another love story. This one is just a little bit different though. Anna, a silly teenage girl has been in love with her best friend Frankie’s older brother Matt since she was 10 and he was 12. On her 15th birthday he kissed her in front of the kitchen sink and nothing will ever be the same. All through the summer Matt and Anna keep there relationship a secret in order to protect Frankie. Matt wants to tell his sister at just the right time. He plans to let Frankie in on there little secret at the beach house in Cali on their family vacation. A summer full of midnight kisses and secret looks across the dinner table brings a dream of a bright beautiful future with Matt. But for Anna that dream is shattered the night before Frankie and Matt are to leave for Cali.

    On the way home from the Ice Cream shop in town Matt’s “broken heart” cuts his life short when a hole between the chambers of his heart makes itself known. Anna keeps her last promise to Matt and doesn’t tell Frankie about their relationship. Over a year later Matt’s family decide to go back to Cali for a few weeks this time Anna comes along for a week of sun, surfing and boys. But this summer holds a lot more meaning to Anna then just escaping to the surf for the summer. The next few weeks she must learn to let go of the past and learn to love again. But most importantly she has to try and save Frankie from herself and the mistakes she stumbles through along the way. It’s a touching story of moving forward and knowing its okay to look back.

  6. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

    OK Twilight fans!!! You CANNOT beat me up for this. The thing I love about Twilight is that Stephenie is so descriptive in her characters and expressing their emotions. The thing I can’t stand is the beginning. It just takes forever to get into the book and it’s not a good attention-getter. The other thing is that there’s not enough about Jacob in it. OH! And Bella and Edward's love is just so ANNOYING!!!!!! “Oh! I can’t live without you!” Oh yes you freakin’ can! You did it before he came into your life so why not now!!!
    Thank you.

  7. Paper Towns by John Green

    Stevie Harrison read Paper Towns last year in my class and told me that it was the best book ever. Honestly, I have heard that about a bunch of books, and I'm gonna keep it real about why I actually chose to read this one: a) because I think Stevie is cool, and b) because the cover looked interesting.

    Basic plot of the book: This totally normal guy (smart, in the band, nice, kinda cute) named Quentin Jacobsen lives next to this totally awesome, popular, gorgeous chick named Margo. They hung out when they were younger, but they haven't talked in a long time until one night, Margo comes to get Quentin to help her get revenge on all these people. They have this graet night; he has a blast, and then... she disappears but leave Quentin these clues to find her. So, he goes looking for her, and it's all about his journey to try to find her, but really he learns a ton about himself along the way.

    I'd say that the two things that I love most about Paper Towns are the same things that I like about all of John Green's novels. He always has a boy main character, and I like the guys because they are real and they are NORMAL and even a wee bit dorky. And the other thing that I like about the books is Green's writing: he is so sarcastic and he has this great and funny voice that he puts into his characters that makes them seem so... real. He also throws in these real-life, sucky-but-funny situations. Like, when Quentin turned 16, his parents didn't get him a car, they got him the KEYS to their old mini-van. That was his present: a key to their car (only trick... he could only use it when his mom wasn't... so he only had access to it on the weekends).

    I, and Stevie Harrison, would totally recommend this book simply because it is awesome.

  8. Marked by P.C. Cast

    Ok this book is really interesting, only if you like vamp books. It's about his girl that has just got the mark that tells her she has to go to a school for those kind of people and there is romantic things so I would read it if i were you.

  9. Wake by Lisa McMann

    This book is about about a girl who has some dreams that she doesn't understand. The reason why is because they are not actually her dreams, they are someone else's. Every time someone falls asleep she has to go with them. She doesn't know why, she doesn't know what she has to do. So all the time she just tries and tries to not go with them but there is no hope. And, when she finds out this guy she has know for ever has always liked her, she doesn't know what to do.

  10. Fade by Lisa McMann

    In this is the sequel to Wake you learn how she and this guy got involved working for the cops. They have to go undercover and find a teacher who has been drugging kids drinks at his "study parties", and then raping them. If she didn't mess with the signal to tell them that something's going on she could have been next....

  11. Crank by Ellen Hopkins

    This was a great book to me because it tells you how a messed up father can hurt his daughter. Kristina was living a perfect life with her mom in some other city and place but once she visited her dad for the first time in years everything just went down hill. It kinda reflects on how this could really happen to a girl in everyday life.

  12. Glass is the next book right after Crank. It still involves the girl at her dad's, but once she went back to her mom's she didn't know what she was going to do with out crank(it's some sort of drug). Because she didn't know anyone who had any, she kinda started to freak out. Then once she found this guy who had it, she fell in love with him and got pregnant.