Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sequel to the Hunger Games is On Fire

When Catching Fire hit the book stores a few weeks ago, I was first in line to snap it up. I'd waited more than a year to get my hands on Suzanne Collins' eagerly anticipated sequel to The Hunger Games. It did not disappoint! Picking up pretty much where THG left off, the book catapulted me back into Katniss and Peeta’s dystopian future world. Things are getting even more grim….the government is not pleased with Katniss’ stunt that ended the games.
Peeta is back, still sweet and thoroughly nice. When is Katniss ever gonna get a clue about him? We get to know Gale a little bit better this time around. I started to feel sorry for the guy. He must have been devastated to see Katniss and Peeta’s romance play out on national TV. Collins doesn’t wait long to ramp up the action. Katniss needs that bow and arrow of hers pretty quickly! Since this is the middle book of a planned trilogy, you won’t find a resolution at the end…it leaves you hanging once more. Gah! Another year-long wait to find out what happens!

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