Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Books to Movies

I just watched the trailer for the upcoming Cirque Du Freak movie and I've gotta say it....I'm concerned. Not for the reasons I thought, either. Darren as an American didn't bother me. The actor who plays him has a nice Darren essence. Nope, what bothered me was the dude playing Mr. Crepsley. He is totally miscast! As I see it, Mr. Crepsley is truly sinister and elegant, exuding power and danger. Actor John C. Reilly, best known for Stepbrothers and Walkhard, comes across as goofy and nonthreatening. He plays Crepsley for laughs. Bah! It's dosen't really matther, though. I'll be in line for tickets when it comes out October 23rd. See the trailer for yourself here.

Another book coming to film soon looks much better. The Lightning Thief , out this February 12th, has a high budget for special effects and a fabulous cast. Uma Thurman plays Medusa, Pierce Brosnan is Chiron, and Sean Bean (Boromir from Lord of the Rings) is Zeus! The kid playing Percy doesn't say anything in the trailer, so it's hard to have an opinion about him. He looks like a Percy, though :) Check out the trailer here.

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