Monday, September 14, 2009

Peak by Roland Smith

I finally finished Peak this weekend. Why did it take me so long? You all have kept it checked out constantly so I could never get my hands on it!

After finishing, I totally understand why. The main character is in a life and death situation for much of the book so the reader is constantly wondering if he's going to make it or not.

Peak Marcello is the son of a famous mountain climbing dad and mom. Unfortunately, Dad is off in the Himalayas and Mom's remarried, leaving Peak and his younger sisters living in NY city with step dad. Peak loves to climb, but is busted by the police when he's caught scaling a skyscraper. To avoid jail, he's sent to live with his dad who promptly whisks him off to Mount Everest! The story centers around Peak's attempt to become the youngest person to ever climb it.

I was fascinated by how hard it is to climb Everest and how much is involved in getting acclimated to that elevation. The story also weaves in the current troubles between Tibet and China. This is central to how the story ends up but I'm not telling any more about it!

You will love Peak, the character. He's tough, vulnerable, and big-hearted. I think you'll like Peak, the book. too. It's got a kicker ending I'd love to discuss with you. Come talk to me when you're done.

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