Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The News!!!!!!

Most of you have heard it by now but I'm gonna blog it anyway....Neal Shusterman is coming to Melissa High School!

That's right, readers. The author of Unwind (2009 Talon award winner), Everlost, Downsiders, Full Tilt, and so many more of our favorites will be the MHS person...talking to you!

So here's my challenge to you. Are you Neal's biggest fan here at MHS? If so, you can prove it and win a front row seat to his presentation and an autographed copy of Unwind. And when I say front row, I mean first class front row. You and a friend of your choice will be seated on a couch or recliner and be provided with snacks and sodas for the event. How do you earn it? Easy. Blog about the Shusterman books you've read. Those who blog the most and the best (as decided by an impartial jury of your English teachers) will win. See your English teacher or me, Mrs. Niche, to get your blog set up.

Neal Shusterman!


  1. Cool! Can i enter? I read all of his books!

  2. Haha, I think you'd have an unfair advantage Neal!