Friday, May 21, 2010

What are you reading this summer?

One of the great joys of summer is having the time to laze about reading all the stuff that's been piling up on my bedstand. I'll share the list of what I can't wait to read by the pool....feel free to share yours in comments below. Disclaimer: Some of my books are rated for adults, not Young Adult!

  1. Sizzling Sixteen (The new Stephanie Plum book from Janet Evanovich)
  2. The Short Second LIfe of Bree Tanner (Stephenie Meyer, 'nuff said)
  3. An Echo in the Bone (The new Outlanders book from Diana Gabaldon...Jamie!)
  4. The Red Pyramid (The new Rick Riordan book...started already)
  5. Mockinjay (Technically we will be back at school when it comes out but I am so excited about it that I included it....August 24th!!!)
  6. Linger (The sequel to Shiver which I liked but didn't love)
  7. Every Day in Tuscany by Frances Mayes (A perfect chill out for summer book)
  8. I'll Be Mature When I'm Dead (Dave Barry...funniest guy ever)
  9. Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane
  10. With The Old Breed at Peleliu and Okinawa (Non fiction about WWII in the Pacific)

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  1. Oops, I forgot a really important one: For the Win by Cory Doctorow. Reaallly looking forward to that one.