Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Cory Doctorow Book

Fans of Little Brother rejoice. we get a new Cory Doctorow book May 11th. I can't summarize For the Win any better than the Amazon reviewer since I haven't read it yet (grrr, no advance reader copy!) so I'll link that blurb here.

I love that one of the characters is called Big Sister...hahaha, all you juniors reading 1984 will pick up on the reference I'm sure. The story is very plausible to me. My son and I are avid gamers and when we were into Star Wars Galaxies, we totally spent real money on virtual goods (I got an uber pistol on ebay, as I recall). I never considered that some kid in a third world country might have been grinding jobs in the game in a sweatshop. It might not sound like a bad gig getting to play online games for hours on end but speaking as a person who spent much of one entire summer shooting whomp is mind-numbing work at best. That's why we would go on ebay and buy weapons, armor, money, and even characters (Jedi!) somebody else had leveled up. Virtual economies are real.

I've got this on pre-order from Amazon. Can't wait!

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